A traditional Devon country inn with a rich history!


Our Grade II listed inn dates back to 1675 when it served as a resting point for travellers between Dartmouth and Exeter. The present day Sandygate retains its original features, authentic charm and warm, cosy atmosphere.

Sandygate Inn | Pub in Kingsteignton



The Sandygate Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Kingsteignton and can trace its origins back to at least 1675 when the cartographer John Ogilby recorded it on his map of Devonshire.


Mr Ogilby’s map showed the main routes across the county and these remained largely unchanged when the Bowen brothers published a similar map in 1753. Neither map noted the establishment as The Sandygate Inn but noted it under the name of  Tom the Trumpeter.




The inn is located on the route of a former Roman Road which in later centuries served as the main road from Dartmouth to Exeter via Newton Bushel.


Its position on this route made it ideal as a stop off for coaches plying between the aforementioned towns. This could explain the origin of the name Tom the Trumpeter and hark back to the days when a coachman blew his trumpet as the coach set off on the next leg of its journey.  Another explanation could be that the pub was founded by a retired soldier who had been a trumpeter. Whatever the origin of the name it is safe to assume that the inn had been operating some years before Mr Ogilby drew his map and a link with the former name of the pub has been kept down the years with its inn sign showing a soldier blowing a trumpet.

Sandygate Inn | Pub in Kingsteignton



The present pub dates from the 18th century and was created from two former adjoining cottages which have been knocked through to form the present structure and has been granted a Grade II listing status by English Heritage.


A new road built by a local Turnpike Trust in the 1830s created a new route from Coombe Cross through Millpark to the cross road at Strap Lane and created the Five Lanes junction we see today. The plan also incorporated a new route across the marshes from Oakford to Newton Abbot and this new route soon attracted the bulk of the Exeter to Newton traffic relegating the Sandygate route to a secondary position.




Nevertheless the inn still served as a focal point for the hamlet of Sandygate which until the latter part of the twentieth century was quite separate from the parent village of Kingsteignton.


Some older villagers may still remember the “Sandygate Half Pint”. Many years ago a tankard engraved as such used to hang in the pub but  anyone looking at it would not have seen a half pint vessel or even one that held a pint as the Sandygate half pint measured a quart! Men would often go to the pub telling their wives they were only going to have a couple of halves.


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Sandygate Inn | Pub in Kingsteignton
Sandygate Inn | Pub in Kingsteignton

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